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For all your reticulation repairs and maintenance needs in Perth, Allwest Bores & Reticulation are the experts to turn to. We offer a full range of services from reticulation maintenance and repair to reticulation system installation and expert advice for problem-solving. Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of reticulation systems, including solenoid valves, controllers, wiring, pipe repairs, sprinkler breaks and more. We can provide quality repairs to ensure your retic is water-wise and operates efficiently and effectively!

Professional Reticulation Repairs

Allwest Bores & Reticulation

No matter what issue you’re having with your retic, our team can provide reliable advice and solutions. We have years of experience identifying complex reticulation problems and solving them quickly and cost-effectively. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your retic system is running at its best! Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves – see what our satisfied customers have to say about us!

Problem-Solving and Expert Advice

Drip Line Irrigation Repair

Lawn Sprinkler Repairs

Here's how we can help!...

Don't let your garden dry up!

Sprinkler trouble?
We've got the fix!

We can help you with any lawn sprinkler repair needs you may have. From sprinklers not going down to broken heads caused by mowing, we’re here to assist.

We can also adjust the height of your sprinklers so that they cover your lawn perfectly without being affected by the mower.

And if you are worried about cars driving over your sprinklers, we can install flexible mounts to ensure they remain intact.

With a wide selection of sprinkler head types available (MPs, R-VANs, Precision Series and Performance Styles), our experts will be able to assess your pressure availability and recommend the perfect option for you.

Allwest Bores & Reticulation is your trusted partner for all drip line irrigation repair services. Our team of experienced, fully qualified, and electrically licenced technicians is here to help you with all aspects of drip line irrigation repairs, ensuring a well-maintained and efficient system for your garden.

Common issues with drip line irrigation systems that require our expert attention include:

  • Clogged or damaged emitters
  • Leaking or broken tubing
  • Faulty valves
  • Inadequate water pressure
  • Poor system design or installation

Don’t let a faulty drip line irrigation system compromise the health of your garden. Reach out to our expert team for assistance. Get your irrigation system running smoothly again by calling Allwest Bores & Reticulation today!

Struggling with retic issues? Leave it to us!

Call Allwest Bores & Reticulation today!

"It's 'raining' cats and dogs!", said no one ever about our precisely tuned sprinklers!

Our Clients Are Raving About Us


Darren S - Attadale

Garron from Allwest Bores and Reticulation was very punctual for our scheduled appointment and actually messaged the day prior to confirm the booking.

Garron was very friendly and knowledgeable. Upon arrival, he was able to swiftly identify the problem and then moved forth to fix the issue. He discussed and explained what he was doing and then double checked that our reticulation system was working correctly before leaving. I was very impressed with his professional service and would highly recommend a Garron and his team for all your reticulation needs! Thanks again

"I was very impressed with his professional service."

Val N - Winthrop

Garren was able to come earlier than originally arranged with Tao, which was a bonus. The whole system needed a revamp due to age and a reduction in water pressure over time. Garren got an overview of all 5 stations, then headed off to get the required parts. With impressive efficiency he replaced the ancient/under-performing heads then checked and made adjustments to each station before moving on to the next. He even managed to find a long-lost sprinkler, submerged under years of fallen conifer needles. By the time he finished all the spray patterns met/overlapped so, hopefully, no more micro deserts in the garden! Thank you for a great job.

"Bonus points for remaining cheerful while getting soaked by sprinklers in an icy winter breeze!"

Michael O - Wilson

I phoned a number of reticulation companies and Sunny was the only one that got back to me promptly, gave me an estimate of his availability, which was accurate and turned up on time, thus respecting my time. He diagnosed all the problems, had the parts on hand to fix everything on the day and got the system back into full operation. I can't recommend Sunny highly enough and feel luck that he had the time to fit us in - all with a quiet confidence and a pleasant manner. I've have a look down the list of comments and they are all consistent in their praise. It's is difficult to find a good company online. They're often all talk and no action. This is a great company. Support them with your business

"Keep up the great work Allwest. Maintaining excellence doesn't cost, it pays."

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